The Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Winter Wedding In Italy

Did you know that you can get all the opportunities of a summer wedding, but without all the tourists nor the high season prices ? Yes, choosing winter wedding in Italy is the perfect solution. Tocqueville, an ancient French author, used to say his brother Edward in 1850 :

« Our home, which faces the sea while standing on the mountain, is surrounded by a real forest of orange and lemon trees in the middle of which I really love to have a walk. What a spectacular nature and a pleasant weather in winter. »

Celebrate your marriage in Italy, especially in the south, in Sorrento, is the perfect place for your event. Whereas the temperature drops in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean climate of Sorrento offers a soft and pleasurable winter. From October to March, this season lets you plan an original wedding. All the advantages of a winter wedding are now trending for the future brides and grooms.

Winter, a magical season to get married in Italy 

In the south of Italy, sunny days are a promise for a longer Indian summer. Streets are recovering from the assault of tourists and become quiet again. Hills and gardens welcome their autumn colors from orange to light yellow : the full orange and lemon season is on. They show a scenery that mixes the warm colors with the blue sky. How cannot fall in love for the charming and romantic proposition of an autumn wedding

For Christmas and new Year’s celebrations, the southern cities are decorated with thousands of lights to celebrate these special times of the year. With all the religious fervor in this part of Italy, faith and emotions are put on show in local traditions. In Sorrento, in churches, streets, stores and houses, you can admire the art of Neapolitan nativity scene. Christmas carols and bells music celebrating nativity play altogether to make this time totally magical.

Christmas and new Year’s celebrations are also a perfect moment for family time and friend parties. So, your beloved ones will see your wedding as a priority and this enchanting event will stay long in their memories.

Make a mental note about your reception venue, it might be closed for Christmas day (Dec. 25th). The best is to plan your wedding on Dec., 24th. What a symbol to seal your love forever, isn’t it ?

winter wedding Italy 

The atmosphere of a winter wedding in Italy 

Winter to get married in Italy is so romantic. You can make the most of the fireplace, light the room with candles reflecting in the cristal glasses. You can decorate your table with white and gold, silver and glitter. Christmas tree colors and lights would give a final touch to a magical atmosphère to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life.

And you know what ?

Why wouldn’t you choose to get married in Italy during the week in between Christmas and New years Eve ?

New Year is party guaranteed ! In Sorrento, fireworks strike midnight and let you enter a brand new year surrounded by love.

Winter wedding in Italy : 3 advantages

1 — Savings

The 1st advantage to plan your wedding in Sorrento is that the check is cheaper. When you get married in a non-summer time, everything is cheaper, venues, hotels, carters as well as all the other services (photographs, flowers, hair stylers, etc.) 

2 — Availability

Since less people are getting married in winter, contractors are also a lot more available. They have more dates to suggest, so you have more choices. Luxury providers during summer become a serious option for you in winter. Your guests could also be more available since your wedding doesn’t interfere with their summer holidays, other summer events and trips. 

3 — Meal

Even if Italian meals are to dye for in summer, getting married in winter gives you the opportunity to add typical winter beverages to your menu. Soups, hot wine, tea and cappuccinos tend to become the stars of your table. And Christmas meals are also a perfect match for your wedding. 

A winter wedding in Sorrento Italy, as well as a summer wedding will always be an unforgettable experience because of this special atmosphere given by the southern Italian vibe as well as its post cards landscapes with Naples Bay, Capri, Ischia and Procida. With an eye on the Mount Vesuvius, you even might see it covered by snow. You really have to consider a winter wedding in Italy if your budget is cut short or if you’re appealed by the exoticism of a destination wedding. You want to study your possibilities ? Send me an email or fill in the contact form

Crédit photos : Rob Jones – Pure Creation Photography

Je suis Patricia, votre Wedding Planner spécialiste du mariage en Italie. 

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