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Wedding in Italy

Because you want to get married in Italy, you need the help of a wedding planner specalist in weddings in Italy. With Prestige Destination Wedding, you’ll live a wedding day filled with wonder and magic.

Did you fell in love with Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast?

I understand you so much.

Treasures full of history, heavenly views, refined gastronomy and Italian lifestyle are an invitation to love.

Sorrento, in the bay of Naples, is the perfect location which mix wonderful landscapes, amzing venues and magical historic legends.

You deserve an exceptional wedding ceremony to show the bonds that link you to your loved one in a mythical place such as Sorrento in Italy.

To help you make your dream come true, you need a unique partner who can listen to you and who can design the wedding of your dreams.

Being the Maestro of your mariage, freeing you from all the pressure of a destination wedding and guiding you all the way through your dream day are the priorities of Prestige Destination Wedding.


Want to say Yes in Sorrento ?

Who’s Prestige Destination Wedding?


Hello ! I’m Patricia. I’m totally passionate by Sorrento, in the bay of Naples on Italy South Coast.

My studies led me to art history and I was particularly fond of ancient history. I naturally went to the bay of Naples where the most visited ancient sites of Italy are, like Pompéi et Herculanum.

I fell in love at first sight and I still am. This region taught me another type of happyness. And it is the same that you’re looking for when you call me to organise your wedding.

After I organised my own wedding in Sorrento from Paris, I got hooked in the wedding planner universe. My deepest wish is to share with you, bride and groom, the treasures hidden in this part of the globe and to offer you a unique and magical experience on your wedding day. The very peculiar vibe of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast heightens the sensation of happiness and gratitude on that special day.


Why you should choose Prestige Destination Wedding ?

In order to guarantee a perfect organisation for your wedding in Sorrento, you absolutely need to hire not only a wedding planner, but a specialist with desination wedding.

Prestige Destination Wedding is an expert in wedding in Italy particularly in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast.

The legal process, the traditions, the language, the region and its history have no secrets for me.

My local vendors and partners are all specialists who want and make a point in organizing a tailor-made top-pf-the-range event. All together, we design a unique moment just made for you.

My expertise is at your service.


Prestige Destination Wedding
Patricia De Maio

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