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Prestige Destination Wedding takes you to Sorrente or enjoy Paris

Tailor-made Weddings in Paris or in Italy

Dear Bride and Groom,

Congratulations !

You decided to say Yes and you can’t wait to see your life long dream become a reality.

I understand you. You’ve been loving each other for months or many years and the marriage is the next step toward an everlasting commitment.

For this occasion, everything is possible. You don’t want a traditionnal wedding at home ? Then, do it in Paris or in Sorrento in Italy !

You dream of a wedding with your feet in a deep blue sea under the sun ou you dream of a magical wedding under the lights of the beautful Paris, the number one city fo live ?

You don’t have time nor know how to organise such a wedding from where you live ?

You don’t speack French or Italian, you don’t know the locations or the vendors to ask for that kind of services ?

Let me take car of everything wether your chose Paris or Sorrento. Let me make your dream come true by designing for you an exclusive wedding. From legal support to cermony and reception, I guide you and set everthing up for up. As a wedding planner, my mojo is adaptability and availability.

Let me organise your wedding according to your desires and I’ll show you the best of the city you have choses.

Prestige Destination Wedding  is your passport to a luxurious and magical wedding in Paris or in Italy. 


My services

Package Acquamarina

1er appointment
Let’s get to know each other
& describe me your requirements
Legal support
Curated suggestions of vendors, services and locations

Package Opale

1st appointment
 Legal support for civil ceremonies
 Curated suggestions of locations and sites
 Selection of various vendors and services
 Coordinations of all service providers
 Budget support and management
 Coordination & presence during the wedding

Package  Diamante

All inclusive for you and your attendees (tarnsport, accomodation, site tours, etc.)
 Coordination & presence during the wedding
 Brunch for the following day
 Support and help for the organisation of your honeymoon

Your Wedding Planner

Patricia de Maio

Buongiorno !

I’m Patricia your wedding planner.

My passion for wedding organisation began when I got married in the dreamy city of Sorrento. Since then the area has no secrets for me. But as I live in Paris and know it by heart, offering you both locations became bovious. As an axperienced wedding planner, I help brides and grooms to live the most beautiful day of their life in a fairy place.

“This is the place of your dream, so unreal when you’re there, and you feel a great nostalgy when it’s time to leave.”
– John Steinbeck –

Want to say Yes in Sorrento ?

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